Why every Business should do Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is Dead!

Have you ever heard of this term?

Well, let me refute this statement by showing you some of our data.

Recently we were selling a High ticket product of one our clients who is a Leadership Coach. We got the expected number of sales in the webinar but the webinar went really well and knew that we will be able to crack more sales by Indirect Marketing.

As soon as Webinar ended we started sending emails on daily basis according to our planned strategy. In one of our emails, we attached the Razorpay link and you can clearly observe the number of Clicks that were done

Note – Emails were only sent to people who didn’t join.

As you can clearly notice 6 people clicked the link 12 times which means 6 people were definitely interested while few of them were interested more than the others which is why they clicked the link more than once.

After that, we took out the data and were able to close 3 of them i.e. 50%.

The advantage we had –

  • Our energy was more directed as we knew which people were more interested than the others.
  • We just had to give a last push as these people were already convinced, they just had a few doubts.
  • We were the alpha this time.

So next time look at these figures again if someone says – “Email Marketing is dead”

To consolidate this idea further we are attaching a case study of one of our clients via “Email Marketing”



When we started sending emails, most of our leads were inactive and cold(startup leads) however our masterclass leads were warm but not engaging.

When I sent out the first email on 7 Nov 2022 to 719 people i.e. total audience (startup + masterclass), our opening rate was only 6.95 % and in the second email it dropped down to even 4.52 %, the open rate consists of maximum people from masterclass leads.

However, as we started sending our emails on a regular basis i.e – Mon, Wed and Friday, our warm audience started getting hot and became more engaging and our open rate started increasing 

16.46% → 19.51 % → 20.81 %.
Because we make our subject line on the basis of curiosity + benefit and is related to the content inside the email.

But still, our cold audience was not engaging up to the level and the opening rate was limited to just 4 – 5 %.

Then we applied the strategy of Segmentation because of which our open rate increased drastically.

As you can see the 68 people we segmented have an opening rate of more than 23 % because segmentation always works. 💪💪

In most of the emails that we are sending right now our opening rate lies inside the good opening rate category.🙃🙃

These leads are mostly warm and hot and they can be converted into customers via proper funnel.

Things which worked in our favour –

  • Consistently sending emails.
  • Framing good headlines(curiosity + benefit)
  • Good content that has a balance of personal and professional life.
  • Segmentation.

In case you are a business that is still in dilemma about Email Marketing. Don’t forget to book an appointment call with us for consultation to skyrocket your business via Email Marketing.


Growthat Media.

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